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Facial Treatments

Alumier MD Chemical Peel

At Aesthetics by A.M we offer a range of AlumierMD professional treatments that our therapists can bespoke to target each client’s individual skin concerns. AlumierMD peel treatments are the next generation of clinical exfoliation. With a variety of peels, each with a unique complex of ingredients, your AlumierMD professional can customise your treatment programme to target your specific skin concerns whether it be ageing, pigmentation or acne. This unique experience includes an exfoliating peel treatment, revealing a more radiant, soft and luminous skin.
A course of treatment is recommended and can be discussed in your skincare consultation with our experts to create an individual treatment plan.

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SkinPen Microneedling

Microneedling is the use of very small needles to repeatedly penetrate the layers of the skin in order to induce the wound healing cascade. This results in the creation of hundreds, if not thousands, of microscopic holes, or microchannels, in the dermis. The treatment stimulates collagen which makes your skin appear smoother and firmer. Microneedling is used to treat the following skin concerns:

  • Acne scarring

  • Scarring around the body

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Signs of ageing

  • The overall texture of the skin

  • Open pores

  • Melasma

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is a safe, non-surgical, FDA approved device that uses laser therapy to gently heat the deep layers of skin and promote new collagen production. It helps excessive redness, rosacea, uneven skin texture, reducing pore size, fine lines & wrinkles and scarring. 
There is no downtime so this facial is great to have on your lunch break. Laser Genesis helps improve the overall complexion of your skin. You can expect smoother, more radiant and better skin texture.


Hydr02 Facial

HydrO2 facial combines the benefits of two of the most sought- after facials on the UK market along with seven additional technologies to give you glowing, brighter, more youthful looking skin. The technologies found in the HydrO2 facial system include Hydro Peel, Exfoliation, Oxygenation, Electro-ion, Radio Frequency, Ultrasound and Fire and Ice. These technologies can be used individually or in combination with each other to provide a complete bespoke approach to targeting your skin concerns.



Introducing the brand new 3D Dermaforce, an advanced cutting-edge device combining Microneedling & Radio Frequency (RF) technology to effectively treat a large number of facial and body concerns, with amazing results.

Microneedling / RF is the latest up-and-coming solution for the ultimate ‘non-surgical face lift’ and is in extremely high demand after the extensive press coverage that the treatment has received throughout the press, with celebrities raving about the treatment. It is a minimally invasive treatment that greatly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and lifts skin, whilst promoting collagen and elastin production. It's also great for sun damage, pigmentation, acne scars, pitted skin and stretch marks.

LED Light Therapy

Red light therapy penetrates deep into the layers of the skin and tissue repairing, renewing, regenerating, and most importantly healing damage that has occurred. This has been shown to reduce wrinkles, diminish scarring, reduce pore size, reduce discolouration, and speed up the healing time of blemishes. It is therefore a technology that can be used to rejuvenate your skin.

Blue light therapy, on the other hand, doesn’t penetrate quite as deeply as red light therapy but penetrates deep enough to kill the bacteria that cause acne. This helps prevent and treat blemishes encouraging a clearer and more even skin. Therefore although they produce very different results, both forms of light therapy promote healthier skin. Red light therapy rejuvenates your skin while blue light therapy prevents and treats acne. They can be used together or separately depending on what results you are hoping to achieve. Both technologies are gentle, painless, non-invasive and extremely effective.



Dermaplaning is a non-invasive, exfoliating treatment that manually removes dead skin cells and vellus hair on the face. Before the treatment, your face will be cleansed with one of our appropriate cleansers for your skin. By holding the skin taut, a sterile 10- gauge blade is stroked across the skin at a 45-degree angle. This removes the top layer of damaged skin so newer skin under the surface is revealed. 
This facial is suitable for those who have little to no congestion, no acne, and anyone who wants a quick exfoliation and glow with no downtime.


The Acne Buster

This facial is suitable for anyone who is very congested all over the face with blackheads/whiteheads, and anyone who has acne.

This facial includes:

  • Double Cleanse

  • Steam

  • Extractions 

  • High Frequency

  • Acne Serum

  • Celluma LED Light Therapy

  • Moisturiser

  • SPF

Enzyme Retexturing Facial

Enzyme Retexturing facial is a highly effective fruit enzyme resurfacing mask. The unique blend of fruit enzymes exfoliates dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal. This facial also includes brightening enhancers, followed by targeted treatment serums to address each skin concern. Leaving your skin feeling and looking amazing whilst also helping with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and helping to hydrate the skin.

Body Treatments


Imagine being able to do 20,000 squats or sit-ups all in one
30 minute session - this is exactly what 3D Powersculpt
can do for you. Using the latest technology, this treatment
can accelerate muscle growth and reduce fat on your
chosen muscle group.
3D Powersculpt stimulates muscle tissue to an intensity
that couldn't be possible through a regular workout. It is
the perfect treatment for people at their ideal body weight
who want to define their muscles and contour their body.


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